The Art and Science of Starting and Running Successful Drives with YouGiveGoods!

The most powerful way you can help through YouGiveGoods is to Start a Drive. The YouGiveGoods Drive Starter is the person or organization who makes our site work. In just minutes, and at no cost, anyone can start a drive on the site and begin using the YouGiveGoods system to motivate their own network of potential contributors to do amazing good for others. YouGiveGoods Drive Starters are the key to the success of our site—these committed individuals and organizations are on the front line of the effort to help supply those in need with what they require the most. We hope that, once you or your organization sees how easy our system is to use, you'll want to start a Drive with YouGiveGoods to see the good we can do together!

If you've run traditional drives before, you already know that the process can be a challenge—time and money spent, and sometimes less success than you'd hoped. YouGiveGoods makes starting and managing drives easier, more efficient, and more powerful. We believe that, with our tools to make your drives more effective, you'll find that your drives have greater success and that you're able to get more good done for those who need help.

If this is your first time as a Drive Starter, we think you'll find our system easy to use and that it will help you amplify the good you want to accomplish. Whether you have experience running drives or not, our system is A New Way to Help, so we've created the Driveology section to help explain the entire process and show that anyone can use the YouGiveGoods system to get good things done. Driveology is filled with tips and suggestions for different types of drives and drive ideas to get you started.