Hurricane Sandy Relief - How You Can Help

We've set up this special section of our website to let you know about the ways you can utilize YouGiveGoods to help the relief effort.  

We're all about making it easier for people to help out and we do that in a couple of ways.  If you want to donate food - you can buy it here at our site to donate to one of the many Relief drives that we are hosting.  CLICK HERE to find drives helping out the hardest hit areas and the terrific organizations providing the support to all the people impacted by the storm.  We will deliver the food you donate for you and send you an email once it arrives at its destination.

Another way to help is to set up a drive on our site.  There is no cost to set one up and it only takes a few minutes to get it going.  It's a great way to make it easy for your community to come together and help out.  We handle all of the logistics so all you have to do is spread the word about your drive and to thank those who participate.  To start a drive, just set up an account (below) and complete 5 simple steps!  If you have any questions about how to start a drive, CLICK HERE to contact one of our drive specialists.

We've already had over 100 Relief drives setup over the past few days that have raised tons of foods.  The Salvation Army, United Aid Foundation, Volunteer Management Centers and Curbing Hunger are just a few of the aid organizations utilizing our site to raise food donations.   We also have a number of schools, companies, families and individuals who have set up drives to help the relief effort.  It's great to see everyone pitching in when a disaster like this happens.  

We hope you are inspired to seize the moment and get involved.  Start a drive, make a food donation, spread the word!!  Join the thousands using our website to help those who need it.  It's easy to do and feels great!

11/9/12 Update - 8 tons of food delivered today to pantries in NJ running out of food

If you have any questions about how YouGiveGoods works, you can find more information here.

Feel free to look around our site - you'll be able to get some great ideas of how others are using our system to run their drives. You can also contact us directly.

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